Currently loving...♥

- Escape to the Country, BBC 2. I am literally obsessed with this, you can get old episodes on another channel as well as the new ones on BBC2, which is amaaaazing! I've always loved property shows, this has got to be my current favourite.

Image: The Tattoologist

- The Tattoologist. I think tattoos can be beautiful, and while I've always been tempted to get one, I'm so indecisive I never settle on anything for more than a few weeks...The tattoologist is so addictive, all the tattoos are really gorgeous and mostly delicate, which is exactly the kind I love :) ♥

We Heart It

- Glitter. The christmas/New Year season might be behind us, but I'm still loving anything sparkly, anything to brighten up January/February to be honest! ♥