Lily Lolo mineral makeup

I've never had perfect skin, so whenever I get any makeup one of the first things I think about is if it's going to be aggravating/really bad for me. I came across Lily Lolo mineral makeup about 4 or 5 years ago, first buying just the foundation and then adding blusher and other little bits to my collection!

On the website it says:

"[Founder of Lily Lolo] Vikki loved the coverage she could get from such a lightweight foundation...Every product is free from harsh chemicals, dyes and fillers and even has antibacterial properties to help improve the skin.

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation SPF15 in Blondie, £12.49

I love that the foundation can actually help your skin rather than harming it. I can't say I've noticed this significantly to be honest, but it certainly doesn't do any harm, and there are obviously always other factors like cleanser, hormones etc. Also it's SPF15, I love my foundation to have SPF becuase I won't put any sun protection on otherwise.

You're meant to buff it in with a kabuki brush - I use the one from Lily Lolo, and it's an ideal size, the brush is also really soft. It does give good coverage, I'd say light to medium, and you can build it up with more layers. I do have quite marked skin, and it definitely doesn't cover everything, but for those days when I'm not really doing much, it's perfect! I also don't like to wear too much foundation as I feel it doesn't do me any good, I'm yet to find the perfect heavy coverage foundation but I'll keep looking! However, this also works as a powder, if I wear liquid foundation I always put it on top and it gives a really nice natural finish.

The only negative I'd have is that it can go a little oily after a few hours, some days I've worn it and after about 4 or 5 hours its just a bit worn. Having said that, other times I'll have it on for ages and it's fine!

Ultimately, I couldn't be without it, I always repurchase as I know it works and it's kind to my skin!

Lily Lolo Mineral Blush in Candy Girl, £7.29

Next up is the blush, which I only started using last year. Again, really gentle on your skin, and a really good range of colours and shimmer/matte as well! I'm onto my second pot of Candy Girl now,  it comes out a really nice subtle pink with a bit of shimmer, which I really like although I know a lot of people prefer matte. I'd say it's not overly sparkly, it just adds a really nice glow! A little goes a long way.

Lily Lolo Mineral Bronzer in Waikiki, £12.49
Another lovely thing Lily Lolo do is if you order over £20, you get 2 free samples - I chose this bronzer, and a finishing powder. The bronzer I've used before, I'm quite pale so it scared me when I opened it as it looks quite dark! But although it goes on a lot more subtly than I'd imagined, a really small amount goes a long way! Like the blusher, it is quite shimmery, but again I quite like this. I can't see myself buying it full size though, I think it's a little bit too pricey as I don't really wear bronzer daily.
The finishing powder I LOVE, I got one called Translucent Silk, it basically sets your makeup while minimising the appearance of imperfections, which I feel it does! It's also £12.49.

Overall, I love this brand, and can't see a time when I'll stop using at least the foundation! I like how affordable it is for mineral makeup as well, considering how long the products last and their quality.

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