L'oréal Volume Million Lashes Mascara!!


I have always loved nice dramatic eye...I thought I'd found it with the Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara, but since discovering this, I'm converted! Firstly, the bottle tube thingy is lovely - nice and shiny gold, I'm basically a magpie so I love this!

The brush is a good size - not too big, with lots of little bristles which are great for separating your lashes...I hate it when my lashes stick together, and this definitely doesn't make that happen! 

Before mascara...

After one coat...

After 2 coats!

I love this mascara because it really makes my eyelashes a lot longer, and thicker...especially in the length department, I'm very impressed because as you can see, my eyelashes aren't anything to write home about without mascara! I wear this every day, and just wear it a little bit thicker in the evening/nighttime. It's £11.29, which I think is pretty good value...I got this for Christmas, but had one before, and it's currently two for £14 across all L'oréal at Boots I believe, so I might have to stock up!

*Please ignore the attractive under eye circles I'm currently sporting, definitely need to get a few more hours of sleep!

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