John Frieda Sheer Blonde

I generally don't use a lot of product on my hair - after a few years of intense hair dying, during which I was blonde, brunette, black, red, and finally back to blonde - before repeating the whole cycle again! - I feel like it's time to give it a break! Now I am settled on being a blonde for the forseeable future, and have stopped focussing on the hair dye and more on the products I use!

I last dyed my hair to a medium blonde in September, and wanted to get it gradually lighter without actually using dye. I've used the John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo and conditioner in the past, and when I saw it on 3-for-2 at Boots, I picked some up straight away! I also got the Go Blonder Lightening Spray as my one free item, as my friend uses it and has the hair of an angel!

The results from this collection are amaaazing - it does what it promises to do, which  is to 'gradually lighten blonde hair for sun-kissed sparkle.' My hair always looks so much brighter and blonder after I've used the products, but in a natural and subtle way! 

The spray requires heat to activate it, so you spray it onto damp hair, before blow drying. It also says that the more heat you use, the better the results - so using straighteners, for example, after applying it, would increase its effect.


This stuff (the spray in particular) ruins my skin/hair. In the case of the shampoo/conditioner, I'm not too sure why because I have used it before with no negative effects. But this time around, maybe because it's winter, it just dries my skin/hair out so much. I've reduced use to once a week, which seems to be working, and will try to increase that as I get used to it, because I really do love the results.

The spray, I just cannot use any more. I knew something was up when I accidentally got a little on my hand and it immediately blistered. The final straw came as I found that after use, any skin the spray had got onto was then extremely dry for a good few days. Initially I was fairly keen and used it after every wash, which I certainly wouldn't recommend - the combination of so much heat (I rarely use heat to style my hair), and the spray itself, was a nightmare! However even when used only once a week, I just don't think it's worth it, as it does do so much damage to your skin/hair.

Used in regulation, the shampoo/conditioner combination is lovely, and I'll keep using them. However I'm really going to try to resist using the spray, it does too much harm!

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