Barry M #154 - Pale Nude

Having recently purchased Mac Hue, I was after a cheaper alternative for daily wear - a lipstick I could just throw on and not worry about how much I paid for it, as although I am in love with Hue, I find myself constantly reapplying and at £13.50, as a student I can't really afford that! This is where Barry M Lip Paint in Pale Nude comes in...

 I currently own 4 or 5 other shades, including Marshmallow which I find incredibly chalky and drying (I know a lot of people have the same opinion!) and cannot wear it alone, but always with a lipgloss over the top. It also gives quite a strong 'concealer lip' which I'm not really a fan of.

I've read a few reviews of Pale Nude saying it's a bit warmer and not as drying, so when I went into town the other day I was keen to pick it up, and I'm glad I did! The formula is so much more moisturising than Marshmallow, and the colour a lot more natural - I would describe it as a pale peachy nude colour. It is still a bit drying and does cling to dry patches, but hopefully now the sun has come out and the weather is a touch warmer, dry lips won't be as much of a problem.

As I said, I was after a dupe for Hue basically - so how does this measure up? Well, it's a lot warmer than Hue, which has more of a pink tone to it. I think that for the summer, this will become my go to daily lipstick, as I can get away with the warmer tones. In winter, I'm as pale as a sheet, so we will see how that works! You can get Barry M Lip Paints from Superdrug and Boots, as well as online on their own website, for a bargaineous £4.49.

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