I have a blue house with a blue window...

 All images from Pinterest

I'm currently in the middle of switching bedroom's with my brother, which means a chance to redecorate and create a less cluttered, fresher space. A recent pinterest member and addict, I've been happily pinning away, and I've been most drawn to blue colour schemes and light, airy layouts. 

Simple black and white photo frames, vintage wooden furniture, clever storage solutions, and even a few pot plants (perhaps a cactus, which is near impossible to kill) are all on my wishlist.

Cleaning out my old room has made me realise how much stuff I've kept hold of - I'm a hoarder and used to be unable to throw anything even slightly sentimental away. Recently, I've been getting a lot more ruthless and am so happy with my more streamlined collection of what is still, in essence, clutter - there's just a lot less of it.

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