Sleek Honour Blush

After some pretty rubbish service from the Sleek online website, in which I ordered the Blush by 3 in Lace along with the contour kit - only for the former to not arrive without any warning or apology, before being overcharged for my order - I have been slightly put off the brand. I had a look at their stand in Superdrug in an effort to find this elusive Blush by 3, but have come to accept it will have to be an ebay purchase. What I bought instead, completely on a whim, was this bronze coloured Blush, Honour. 
As someone with pretty pale skin, I wouldn't normally even consider something this dark. Trust me, it looks a lot scarier in the pan! However, I was in a wierdly impulsive mood, and got this without great expectation of getting a lot of use out of it. But guess what? I love it!
With it being 'Summer', I've been after more sheer, dewy or downright sparkly blushes. This fits the bill perfectly. Being a Sleek blush, it is extremely pigmented, so you only need a teeny tiny bit to achieve a nice wash of colour. It gives a nice hint of warm bronze to my cheeks, shimmery without being over the top, and I've found myself reaching for it on a daily basis to try and inject a bit of sunshine into my life - or at least face.
I wouldn't recommend shopping online with Sleek, however I can't deny it...their products are indeed lovely.

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