Wednesday Wishlist

Clockwise from left:

1. I've wanted this playsuit after seeing Celina of By Celina looking stunning in it on her blog. The lace detail at the back is just gorgeous, and I can imagine it with a tan and sandals - shame I don't tan, but this will stay on my wishlist none the less.
2. I need a new bag and want one I can wear over my shoulder (as opposed to a satchel). This is perfect, and a total bargain as well!
3. American Apparel disco pant dupes - what more needs to be said?! I have seen a lot of bloggers wearing these, and saying their very similar and good quality, so may have to treat myself to these.
4. Saw this on Ugly Duckling, one of my favourite blogs, and couldn't believe the price! It's rose gold, it's affordable, it's useful and it tells the time.
5. I like how dainty these are, I think they'd add interest to a simple outfit, and I'm rapidly going from someone who rarely wears jewellery to someone with a mild addiction problem.
6. Again, rose gold!!

I get paid on a Wednesday, hence the wishlist today - whilst I should be saving my monies, one or two of these will certainly be making their way to me soon :)