Down the rabbit hole...(picture heavy!)

Bit of a different post today, as I'm currently in Budapest, enjoying Sziget.
Held every August, Sziget festival is Hungary's biggest music festival, and recently voted The Best European Major Festival. This is my third time at the festival, and I can see why it's so acclaimed!
7 days long (5 days of 'proper' music, and a day -1 and day 0, as the festival isn't allowed to be over 5 days long technically....oh, how they got around this problem!), held on an island on the Danube, in the summer sun - temperatures are regularly around 30 degrees - there is a lot to love about this festival.
I could go on and on about the many positives of Sziget, but I'll just link the website if anyone's interested, and you can go and have a look for yourself - I'd highly recommend it over the more expensive English 3 day festivals. With artists such as The Killers, LMFAO, Hurts (who we saw last night, and are absolutely amazing) and Paolo Nutini, there's something for everyone!

This year, we were greeted with a very floral, slightly trippy, scene. Fairy lights everywhere, floral light shades, an Alice in Wonderland Bar, and huge wooden sculptures, with one functioning also as a giant see saw.

And a new addition this year, the Sziget Eye! At night time, it lights up and looks stunning in it's place right by the main stage. Imagine going around in this, whilst The Killers play on the stage in front. Amazing - may have to give this a go before the week is out.


Hope you're all having a lovely week, I'll be posting more about Sziget, as well as hopefully reviewing a few lovely things I've been using recently...we're lucky enough to be staying in an apartment here, so during the day, when the effects of the night before kick in, I'll be relaxing and blogging away!

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