It feels like absolutely ages since I've done an instagram post, and I have lots to show you! It's my own fault for hoarding these until the last minute and then uploading in bulk, but I love instagram posts so the more photos the merrier!

The last few weeks have been a bit different and slightly hectic. I moved back to uni to start my second year, and am no longer living in halls but in a shared house! I was in catered accommodation last year so the biggest change is probaly the fact that I now have to cook for myself, which is going ok so far - I just made the biggest Tesco order known to man, as I've been ill this week and needed some fruit and veg in my diet again. If anyone has any student cooking tips, please pass them on as I'm in need of some help haha!

Due to being ill, I haven't been up to a lot this week, but am now almost recovered and hoping to get back on the student cycle of nights out soon, so expect to see a few more makeup related posts as I can test out a few of the things I bought to cheer myself up :) I'd love to hear if anyone's tried to No7 Cleansing Water as I'm worried it may be a bit harsh for my dehyrdrated skin? 

Hope you've all had a lovely week and managed to get to the end of this slightly rambly post, I'm off to get some much needed beauty sleeps! 

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