Interiors: Decorating The Uni Room

Hi lovelies! So today's post is a bit different, but I've recently moved into my second year house at uni, and have been trying desperately to get my room to look homey and nicely decorated on the tight budget of a student. I've moved the furtniture around, had some disasters such as the doors on my chest of drawers falling off, and been to Wilkinsons more times than I'd care to remember. But I think I'm finally getting there, and I thought I would share how it's looking so far, as I adore seeing interior posts - in another life, I think I would have been an interior decorator, and I'm forever looking forward to the time when I have my own flat/house to furnish! I'm not saying by any means that I'm comparable to Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen, but this is just what I've done to brighten things up :)

Having lovely bed linen makes such a difference to the whole room I've found (especially if your bed takes up most of the space!). Mine is from Primark, and was a bargain at £7 - I've also seen some gorgeous sets from Wilkinsons, Tesco and Asda.

Accessories are definitely my favourite part of decorating a room, and for these, Wilkinsons has been my friend!! I wanted quite feminine and subtle pieces, so went for some lovely white flowers (fake, so they will last forever!) and popped them in a little vase from Asda. I also sprayed them with some Soap and Glory perfume, which is just amazing!

I also picked up a diffuser from Primark, which smells lovely now - not too sure how long this will last, but it looks pretty - and some canvasses from Wilkinsons again. These were £8 for 3 I think, which isn't too bad at all, and as I have an awful lot of wall space to fill, these really help my room to look a bit less bare! I chose the Bhudda design, but there were a lot of others available too!
The little butterfly sits on my mirror, both of which are from Sass and Belle which is an absolutely amazing company selling heaps of shabby chic pieces - I would definitely recommend checking them out!

Storage has probably been the hardest to sort out, and I'm still trying to find a few wicker baskets and pretty boxes to put my stuff in. I got this cake stand from a shop at home, and it's ideal for putting my jewellery on - I've seen a few people doing this before, and I really like the effect. Plus I can see everything and it's all easily reachable, which is great when I'm in a rush! I also have a few glass jars for things like earrings and cotton wool. I wanted to keep everything simple and clear if possible - as little clutter as I can manage!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm looking to do a few more interior based ones in the future too and am always on the lookout for new places to get bits for the home from, so if you know of any then let me know!

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