MeMeMe Beat The Blues Highlighter

Left: Moonbeam, Right: Sunbeam

Bottom: Moonbeam, Top: Sunbeam
*Heavily Swatched*

Hi lovelies! Where has the time gone?! I can't believe I haven't blogged in over a week. Moving back to uni/being a refresher in freshers week has taken up a lot of my time, but I'm back and I've got heaps to blog about!

So, recently, I've been loving a more dewy look (I blame Tanya Burr of Pixi2Woo) - it's coming up to Winter, and I am firmly still pretending it's summer. I recently got into highlighters, with the Sleek contour kit and my Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades persuading me that they are an absolute essential. So I was extremely happy when I saw that MeMeMe were running an offer for £2 off their Beat The Blue's highlighters. I picked up Sunbeam initially under the offer, which made it a purse friendly £3.25 (I couldn't quite believe it!), and loved it so much I went back and got Moonbeam as well - not on offer this time, but still only £5.25.

Described as an "iridescent complexion illuminator", you can either mix these with your foundation for a little extra glowy boost, or dot it along the cheekbones/brow bone for a lovely highlight. I have been choosing the latter option, as my foundation is already quite dewy, and I'm absolutely loving these so far!

Sunbeam is a gorgeous, shimmery gold shade, which I like to use on a more bronzey day - I can see myself getting more use out of this in the Summer months. Moonbeam is a pretty pink, it looks warm toned in the bottle, but leans more cool on my fair skin. I couldn't choose a favourite - they're both flipping amazing for the price, look beautiful on, with good staying power and the perfect amount of subtle pigmentation. You also only need a tiny bit, so I can see these lasting me for quite a while.

I have heard Sunbeam being compared with the Benefit Moon Beam "iridescent complexion enhancer". The similarities in name, description and packaging are clear - as for the actual product, I haven't tried the Benefit one, and considering how amazing Sunbeam is (not to mention cheaper!), I doubt I will ever need to.

All in all, these are a great budget highlighter, available at most Superdrug stores, and as I can no longer live without highlighting my cheekbones, these are going to be a makeup bag staple for the forseeable future!

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