Pop Art Nails

This weekend I decided to dabble again in the world of nail art. I've seen a few pop art inspired nail designs around, and thought I would give it a go myself - I went for the easy option and just did an accent nail, but I'd like to go for a slightly more adventurous design next! I really love patterned nails, I think they add so much to an overall look, and I'm definitely going to be trying out a few more soon...These were so simple to do, and didn't take too long at all:
  1. Paint your base coat - I went for Barry M's Blueberry, and Strawberry Lollipop for the accent nail
  2. Using a cocktail stick, dot white all over each nail (once dry!) to create the polka dots. I used Rimmel's Nail Tip Whitener. At the same time, draw on the white exclamation bubble on the accent nail - it doesn't need to be too accurate, as going over the edges with black will make this look a lot neater.
  3. I use an old liquid eyeliner for the black writing and lining. A nail art pen would also do the trick - I just don't have one, and the eyeliner works fine! Again, make sure the nail polish is dry first.
  4. Pop on a top coat and you're away!
So there you have it - easy peasy. I will admit I had a lot more trouble painting the nails on my right hand...but we don't need to see them!

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