Wednesday Wishlist #3

I can't believe how cold it's become in the last few days. I don't know what the rest of the UK has been like (and as I head back to the south in a few days, I hope it's been warm!), but in the north, there is a definite bite in the air. Autumn has firmly arrived. I love dressing for the colder weather - wrapping up in huge chunky knits, fluffy socks and wooly hats; no more of this transitional fashion or adamantly wearing shorts because even though it's freezing, it is Summer. Autumn means getting the woodburner on, lighting lots of candles and snuggling in bed with a hot water bottle and a hot chocolate. Love.

Clockwise from top left:
  1. This looks so super cosy, with the studs adding a bit of interest to a plain jumper...winter must have!
  2. Another essential, I live in woolly hats when the colder weather hits. My ears get really really cold very easily (anyone else?!), and I like the pom pom on this one!
  3. I always fill my water bottle with boiling water, and then can't go anywhere near it for ages, so I really should get a cover for it - and this one is so pretty, you could almost take it out with you (or not...)
  4. I've only heard amazing things about Neom candles. With a name like Cocoon, this is perfect for hiding away inside when the colder weather hits!
  5. Hot chocolate is aways a neccessity. Liquid chocolate just sounds too good to be true, so I need to try it!
  6. Collar tips have been everywhere this summer, and whilst I wasn't sold initially, they've definitely grown on me. These ones from Regal Rose look perfect - simple and not in your face. I had a proper brose through the Regal Rose website and there's so much there, I can see it becoming a favourite for jewellery. Everything is beautiful!

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