YSL Rouge Volupté - Lingerie Pink

YSL Rouge Volupté - Lingerie Pink

Last year, I tragically lost my first YSL Rouge Volupté lipstick. On the last night of an amazing festival, my bag decided to empty it's contents in the tent of the closing party. Serves me right for bringing such a lovely (and pricey!) lipstick to a festival dance tent, but I was gutted to say the least! I then went to uni and couldn't justify such a high price tag, but when June rolled around, and I got a 2:1 for my first year, I decided to treat myself. I got my sister to get one from duty free for me, so it was around £17, but these normally retail for £23.50 - ouch! I repurchased the same colour I got the first time around - Lingerie Pink, a lovely barbie pink shade.

The packaging on these lipsticks is absolutely gorgeous, and really make them look like the luxury items they are. The tube feels heavy and well made - I especially love the band of colour on which the YSL logo lies around the middle. It's a beautiful product to have on display, and whilst many of my lipsticks sit in a drawer on my desk, I can't bring myself to hide this one away. YSL describes this as 'an obect of desire', which I definitely agree with! The old packaging did have a small mirror on the lid, which I really liked. The new ones don't, which is a shame, however this also makes the packaging a bit sleeker and to be honest, it's so shiny you can still use the lid as a mirror!

The lipstick itself smells amazing, it has a fruity - I'll go with peach - scent which I personally love. It reminds me of holidays and summer, which is no bad thing! It applies so smoothly, with an almost balm like texture, but is also extremely pigmented at the same time. It doesn't stick around for hours, but I'm constantly reapplying lipstick so this isn't an issue for me - and this one's so pretty, I always want to show it off. If you're after a long wearing lipstick though, then I wouldn't recomment this. If, on the other hand, you want stunning colour, moisturising texture, and a gorgeous luxury item, then this is a winner. 

I've got my eye on Nude Beige and Faubourg Peach next, but will have to wait until a special occasion to splash out!

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