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Just a little mini insta-catchup today, as I seem to have been very bad at snapping things this month!! It's been a pretty hectic few weeks - as I mentioned in my last post, I just switched courses and have been trying to get to grips with all the new material. Coupled with feeling a bit under the weather and having a sudden addiction to going out, I haven't had a lot of time to do anything really useful. Last Friday, I went on a cocktail making session, which was absolutely amazing - we went to Oddfellows, and I couldn't recommend it enough. For £15, we got cocktails on arrival, shots, and to make our own cocktail - mine was a very vodka-y number, with a bit of chocolate liquor and rasberry syrup to top it off. Delicious if a bit too strong!
I've also decided I hate heels after someone managed to scratch all the way down my calf with one on friday night - not too sure how that happened, but safe to say, it hurt! 
I'm now trying my very best to save money as I'm going to London with my sister in 2 weeks - and failing miserably. 
Finally, nobody told me about the clock change so it was a bit of a shock to find today that we have an extra hour! 
What have you been up to recently? Hope you're all having a lovely lovely day! Lots of posts to come this week hopefully, I've really missed blogging :)

And something which was shared on the Missguided facbook page recently, for a bit of added super-cuteness. All together now...aaaaaaaaaaaaaawww!!

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