Topshop 'Coy' ♥

A while ago, there was an awful lot of hype surrounding this lovely little lip crayon. I resisted, until last month, when I crumbled under the pressure of payday and a slight obsession for anything peachy pink. To be honest, the idea of drawing on my lips with a crayon also sold me, I'm easily pleased!
I already knew from reading reviews of this product that it was likely to be a bit drying - I can totally agree with this. Lip balm and good exfoliation are key if you don't want chapped areas to stand out, it is extremely drying. Having said that, I've found it to look lovely under lipgloss, which is how I've been wearing it the majority of the time. 

The colour is gorgeous. Brighter than I expected, it leans very peachy and isn't quite as subtle as I'd thought, but I love it all the same! As I said, I've been wearing a gloss over it, which helps to tone it down a bit and creates a lovely muted peachy pink shade. All in all, a winner if a bit difficult to wear - I've fallen in love with Topshop makeup recently, their cream blush is amaaaaaaazing and their lipsticks are so pigmented, I actually find them to be quite moisturising too! I have my eye on a few bits from their Louise Gray collection next, the packaging looks beautiful.

Also in the photo, you can see a bit of my new Missguided vest peeping out, it's drop armhole with a moustache on the front. I ordered next day (free!) and was so impressed with how quickly it came, bought and despatched on a Sunday, with me by midday Monday! They have some lovely stuff at the moment, and constant free next day delivery, so I can see myself spending a fair bit with them!

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