Christmas Day

 Every year I find myself wondering where Christmas went, and this year is no exception! I can't quite believe it was only a few days ago - I'm already back to a routine of work, and missing the anticipation, Christmas songs and multiple mince pies. I know we can still celebrate for another week or so, but I want it to be the beginning of December again!

I had an absolutely lovely Christmas this year, and was truly spoilt - but that may be for another post. This was a bit of a different Christmas as for the first time in about 14 years, we didn't spend it with my grandparents in the South but instead stayed at home in the Lake District. Having worked Christmas eve, I woke up nice and late at 10am and stumbled into the kitchen for hot cinnamon buns. My sister and I then moved onto our stockings from Santa (we still believe), before opening the rest of our presents with the family, having been very restrained and waiting until after breakfast!

We then got dressed - I went for a festive red skirt and my snuggly new cream jumper, plus a few new bits of jewellery. The rest of the day was spent eating as much turkey and bread sauce as possible, drinking endless glasses of wine and champagne, and topped of with a few games of snooker and scrabble, before we retired to watch the Downton Abbey Christmas special - anyone else get a bit (OK, a lot) teary at the end?!

All in all, a relaxed and very lovely Christmas. I hope everyone had a wonderful day, and was well and truly spoilt! 

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