It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Hey lovelies! I'm so sad I haven't posted in over a month now - uni has been pretty hectic, and the deadlines are now piling up, meaning that I am spending most of my life in the library! This isn't great but soon it'll all be over and I will be free to celebrate the best time of the year...Christmas!

I've been wanting to get in the Christmas spirit since the beginning of November, but managed to hold it together until now. Although I don't yet have an advent calender, my Christmas tree is up, the Christmas jumper is on (Ok, I couldn't wait for this one...I've been wearing it for a month now!) and Michael Bublé's Christmas album is blaring out at full volume. 

Mince pies and Love Actually are the plan for this evening - if any film makes me feel Christmassy, it's Love Actually! Hugh Grant would make an excellent Prime Minister in my eyes. 
I leave you with a cheesy Christmas themed webcam shot - I went a bit ott when I found out you could add snowflakes and snowmen to photos!!

Have a lovely evening, and I hope you are all feeling as Christmassy as I am right now!

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