2013: New Year's Resolutions!

 At the end/beginning of every year, I find myself thinking about the past year, and what I want for the next 12 months. Sometimes I make resolutions, sometimes I don't. Inevitably, if I do, I forget about them within a few weeks and break every single one! This year, I've decided to make a few and pop them on here. Hopefully if they are on the world wide web for everyone to see, I will be less inclined to pretend they don't exist. 

2012 has been a pretty uneventful year - I passed my first year of uni before changing courses in second year, and moved into a student house, discovering the joys of rent and bills. I went skiing for the first time and spent summer working and spending two weeks in Budapest for Sziget. I gave more time to my blog, reaching over 50 followers (which to me is a small milestone and I'm very grateful!). However this year, 2013 (how weird is it saying that?!), I have quite a few goals to set myself and things I want to do. I don't want to set too many, totally unacheivable targets, and think that my first resolution should be: keep New Year's Resolutions! So here goes, my aims for the next year:

1. Take more advantage of opportunities available: say 'yes' more!. This is probably my biggest resolution. It's easy to get comfortable with where you are, but I want to do more and not miss out on anything, so will be accepting every opportunity that comes my way! (well, maybe not every single one - but you get the general idea!)

2. Go to pole class at least once a week. This is just a small and hopefully achievable goal - I recently started pole dancing, and want to improve, so going to regular lessons is essential.

3. Travel as much as possible. I love to travel, and hope to make this the year I discover new places. I'm lucky enough to have visited some amazing countries over the years, and hope to continue that in 2013 - I already have a trip to Germany planned, however would really love to spend the summer working abroad - Australia or California are top of my list at the moment, before I go to France for my year abroad!

4. Save money. Resolution 4 will obviously require me to have at least a little money put away! Although working whilst away would be essential, I would of course need to pay for flights and have some emergency savings just in case.

5. Drink more water. I drink nowhere near enough of the stuff, and it's free - so there's no excuse!

6. Blog more! I enjoy blogging, but want 2013 to be the year I dedicate more time and effort to my blog, making it a bit more personal to me.

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