Christmas Jewellery Haul

I thought today I would share a few things I got for Christmas - as the title suggests, it's all jewellery!! I was lucky and got a lot of lovely bits and bobs, and always enjoy reading what other people were given. I know it's quite late, but better late than never - Christmas was almost a month ago, can you believe it?! I don't know where the time is going, we're halfway through January...before you know it it'll be Easter! 

I never used to wear jewellery that much - a bracelet here, a necklace there, but nothing major. I've since got a lot more into it and am building up quite a collection of sparkly decorations! All the necklaces shown are from Forever 21, as is the ring - all were from Santa, apart from the gold locket necklace, which I recieved from my lovely sister! I've always been a bit obsessed with locket necklaces and loooove this one. I also really like that all the necklaces are varying lengths so I've been layering and wearing them all together. 

The gold and rose gold bracelet is another gift from Santa, and is from Topshop, whilst the blue stone one was from a housemate in the Secret Santa we organised. I was so lucky in Secret Santa this year, as I absolutely love it and have a massive collected of rope bracelets/festival wristbands so it goes perfectly - something a bit more fancy among my tatty backpackers stash!

Being back at uni is amazing so far, granted I have only had 2 lectures to this point but I can already tell I'm going to enjoy my modules this term a lot and hopefully be tons more productive regarding work and the gym!! Hope you're all having a great week so far :)

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