Insta-catchup: Welcome to 2013!

Proper food now I'm home/trying GHD curled hair/ready for Santa
Christmas table
View from Christmas dinner/cosy woodburner/special cat
Slutty Brownies/NYE fireworks/more champagne...
...and again/New Year's Day makeup + pout/exciting 1st Jan events!


So far 2013 has been a very low key and relaxed family are trying to induce me into a champagne coma, and the last 3 days have involved yummy food, a helicopter landing in the field opposite our house and some less exciting shifts at work. Working over the festive season has it's benefits, and I was having none of the post-Christmas back to work blues I noticed a lot of people going through! Every cloud has a silver lining...

I've been enjoying re-discovering old beauty favourites such as MAC Hue and the trusty old GHD's (sadly not mine but my step-sisters, so in a week when I leave for uni I'll have to say goodbye to them yet again!) - part of my saving money resolution sadly means no new makeup for me, so this is going to be essential! A few months ago I saw a lot of 'shopping your stash' posts, maybe I'll write one soon as this is definitely something I'll be doing this month.

I hope everyone is having a lovely 2013 so far!

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