The Sunday Post: Little Treats

This week most of the UK has been hit by pretty severe snow and all round terrible weather. Living in Devon at the moment, I've completely missed out on the lovely wintery side of things - it's like we're in a little bubble, and except a few snow flurries, we have had nothing worse than freezing cold temperatures. Coming from the North, I'm very used to snow and getting on with it, and personally I absolutely love it! I did get a call from my mum the other day to tell me our water and heating had gone (our water comes from a stream next to our house, how quaint, I know - not so much in winter!) as the source had frozen, which did make me feel a bit better to not be at home enjoying the snow. 

Nonetheless, it has still been bitterly freezing here. I've managed to drag myself to the gym and library as part of my drive to become more organised, fit and generally together - wierdly, it hasn't been as much of a challenge as I expected. Today, I thought I'd share a few little things which have been keeping me going in the last week, getting through the grim climate we have at the moment!

The Life of Pi is a book which everyone seems to be reading at the moment, likely due to the Oscar nominated film adaptation which has recently been released (I'm finally off to see it this evening!). I wanted to read it before watching the movie, so did so on the journey back to Uni. I really enjoyed it - it's not a fast paced thriller, but extremely well written and inspirational. The only issue I had was I genuinely thought it was based on a real story and am still getting over the fact it never actually happened!

I mentioned Soap and Glory's Mist You Madly in my September favourites - the bottle is still going strong, and I love it just as much! Another staple at the moment is my Carmex lip balm. Dry lips are a problem for most of us in winter, and this really helps to keep mine soft and non-chapped. Plus it tastes like cherry which is never a bad thing!! Finally, I received the Body Shop's vanilla body butter for Christmas having had the coconut one last year and really enjoying using it. I'm pleased to say that it smells absolutely gorgeous, is super moisturising and deserving of it's reputation.

Other things which are making the sub-zero temperatures bearable have been the new series of Take Me Out, watching Django Unchained (highly recommend!!) and chocolate hob-nobs - yummy :) 

Hope you've had a lovely, relaxed Sunday.

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