The staple duo: Essie Fiji + Barry M Silver Glitter

Hello lovelies!! First off, I know I've been neglecting the blog as per - will definitely try to improve! Life has been a bit of a rollercoaster the last few weeks, but things are back on track and looking to get better so fingers crossed (I swear the bad luck has something to do with this being 2013, unlucky number if I ever saw one...).

For months now I've been eyeing up the Essie stand in Boots, but the £7.99 price tag always puts me off. I just cannot justify spending that much on nail polish as a student, when I change the colour of my nails as often as Taylor Swift changes boyfriends! However for Christmas, I was lucky enough to get a little pot of joy in my stocking in the form of a blogger fave - Essie Fiji. I had high hopes having heard only positive things about Essie, and so far am not dissapointed! The best thing about this nail polish is in the application - the wide brush makes it ridiculously easy compared to the standard teeny tiny Barry M option, and the polish itself goes on like a dream. I need a few coats of this to build it up to the opaque finish I like, but you could easily just pop one coat on for a 'your nails but better' shade! It's such a classic colour, really pretty and girly - I do find it to be a tiny bit streaky, but nothing that noticable. Wear time is also amazing - a few days in and no chips to be seen.

On it's own, Fiji gives a lovely polished effect. However for something a bit different, I've been popping some Barry M Silver Glitter on the ring finger for an accent nail. Just a pretty, plain glitter which adds a bit of sparkle really!

This weekend will be full of work for me - two aseessments due in for Wednesday before I go to Germany for a week, and neither has yet been started (uh oh...). Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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