Benefit They're Real! Mascara

I was incredibly happy at the Cosmo event I attended a few weeks ago to see Benefit's They're Real mascara peeking up at me from among the other goodies (a few of which I have fallen in love with and will be reviewing soon!) in my gift bag. I've wanted to try this mascara for ages, but was quite happy with my current L'Oreal Million Lashes, and if I'm honest didn't want to spend that much on a mascara. I've always had the opinion that mascara is one of those products immune to the high end/drugstore divide and is equally as good in both categories. Well ladies, I may just have to eat my words. This is without a doubt a pretty flippin' amazing little tube of lash enhancing goodness!

The tube itself is a bit of a looker, but it's what's inside that counts - and it certainly doesn't disappoint. Benefit promises that this mascara "lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates", and I can't disagree with any of those claims. On first application, I was impressed by how natural yet at the same time ah-mazing my lashes looked. Add a few more coats and you've got more volume and thickness - but most importantly, no clumps. I always curl my eyelashes before using mascara, but what I've been struck by is how well this works with that and holds the curl throughout the day - wearing this for 12 hours straight, it looked pretty much the same as when I applied it that morning! I really like how versatile this product is - perfect for daily use as, like the name suggests, it makes your lashes look 'real', but equally good for nights out and those times when you want a bit more volume as a few layers give you a really thick and voluminous look. The wand is great for separating lashes, however I'm not too sure I agree with the idea of the rounded end which is supposed to do the job of curling and separating when the wand is held vertically - I found it actually made my lashes a bit spidery and stuck them together! Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but to be honest this doesn't really bother me as if it doesn't work for you ignore it, and if it does then it's there to use!

The £19.50 price tag is a bit more than I ususally would spend, but when you're looking at £10 upwards for most good drugstore mascaras I don't think it's too bad considering how well this product works. All in all I'm completely sold and can totally see why it's the UK's best selling mascara! I haven't tried many of Benefit's products, but from what I have used before this is fast becoming a brand I could easily form an addiction to...

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

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