Hunter Wellies and Winter Walks

Living in the countryside comes with a few requirements. A waterproof (especially in the Lakes) is high up on the list, and you're gonna need a very casual outlook on life too. But most necessary in my opinion, is a good pair of wellies. 

I'm part of a pretty large family and we've always had a boiler room full of wellies, of various sizes, colours and degrees of wear. A lot of them have holes in by now, and most are mismatched, but always there when you need to throw them on for a walk in the mud or for the snowy days which I missed whilst at Uni (boo!). This year, I finally decided that it was about time I got myself my very own set of wellington boots. It happened because of the minimal snow, maximum slush we got down South - for about a week, I walked around in wet through converse before giving in. Of course the moment I got them, the bad weather stopped - Murphy's law! 

I've never been one for Hunters. Wellies are wellies, and for a pair of rubber boots paying over £100 seems a little steep! Then I saw the Hunter Belsize boots, and was completely sold. They're a much more slimline fit, and very equestrian - kind of a cross between a normal boot and a wellie, which makes them pretty good for wearing just about anywhere. The metal details give them a more special touch, and they've also got a slightly higher heel making them very flattering!! And yes, they have been road tested through mud, stream and field and I can confirm that they might look pretty but they still do their job very well! 

The little cutie in the top photo is my Granparents staffie - clearly not as impressed with the boots as I am. Also - so happy Made in Chelsea is back on our screens!! I used to hate it and only got into the show last season so I'm a bit out of the loop in general, but Spencer - what a numpty! Who does he think he is, Hugh Hefner? Looking forward to many more awkward silences in the following weeks. Hope you're all having a lovely week, we've got our little cousins visiting from London and in 5 days...I'll be 21 whole years old, so am enjoying being not a proper adult just yet!

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