Rediscovering Flumps/Breakfast in Germany/Austria/Passau
First snowman of the year/Gap yah reunion/uni nights/cheeky Henry
8 hour train snacks/creme egg brownies/still snow/spring arrived!
Minnie posing/hunters and walkies/looking cool as a child/gorgeous cousin

 Hello lovelies! This week has been a good one - we've had my uncle, aunt and two little cousins up and although they weren't staying with us but instead in a yurt (!), we still managed to spend a lot of quality time with them which was lovely as they live in London, and we don't get to visit that often!! This means that I've yet to start revision for my second year exams at Uni, but I've promised myself that next week is the one and I'm going to be an amazing student until they're over...I'm so bad for procrastination! 

Just settling down to watch Michael Bublé on Graham Norton at the moment, they could do a whole show just for him and I doubt anyone would complain. My second challenge is to watch The Notebook as I've never actually seen it and apparently it's a bit of a classic? Everyone keeps telling me to be prepared as its really sad, which is putting me off SO much - I hate hate hate sad films! Hope you've all had a lovely week and are enjoying the (slightly) warmer weather at the moment.

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