Maybelline 'Rose Gold' Colour Eye Tattoo

A while ago, these little pots of colour took the beauty world by storm for their ability to provide long lasting colour from a cream eyeshadow. When they came to the UK, I was completely taken with the hype but managed to limit myself to On and On Bronze. I was impressed, but not overly so and it found its way into the bottom of my makeup drawer - it's staying power was nowhere near as long as I'd hoped and I didn't love the colour. Earlier this year, however, I saw that Maybelline had brought out another shade - Rose Gold, everyone's favourite kind of gold! - and I had to try it. I'm happy to say I absolutely love it, and have been wearing it pretty much every day! I don't know if it's just the shade - a gorgeous pinky colour with a hint of gold, very much leaning toward to the 'rose' of rose gold - or the fact that it's so easy to just pop it on, follow up with mascara and be on your way. Whichever, I'm completely addicted! The staying power is actually amazing, and I've since revisited On and On Bronze and found it to be preeetty good too - a lot better than I remember. Do you ever get that you have a completely different opinion on a product having come back to it after so long?

They're also very well priced at a little £4.99, and Boots have a 3 - for 2 on all makeup at the moment too! Overall, I definitely recommend these and especially this colour as it's so wearable, flattering and allround gorgeous!

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