The Sunday Post

Hi everyone!! I wanted to do just a little catch up post, as it's been a busy busy week. I've spent a lot of time on various trains visiting all parts of the country, had a pretty big birthday, and a generally lovely 7 days. 

1. I went to see my sister in York and really loved it! I've only ever been as a child, so it was all completely new for me, and it was soooo lovely! There are some amazing shops there, my favourite being Ark which I've definitely heard of before but never visited. The one we went to had a little vintage section (Levi's shorts for £15 whaaaaat!) similar to the one Urban Outfitters has only ten times less over priced, and although I'm on a spending ban I couldn't resist picking something up. I was very restrained and only got one top, bring on the student loan!

2. On Tuesday, as I've mentioned, I attended the Cosmo Careers Masterclass. A panel with industry experts such as Jazz Kaur - head of Benefit's PR - and Pat McNulty came first and was incredibly helpful - it was brilliant to hear people who are doing so amazingly well in their profession giving really practical advice, and I'm so glad I went!

3. Revision has officially begun. I study English, for which my only exam is in film studies so at the moment I've just been catching up on module films like The Matrix which is really not that bad of a deal - I can't complain too much yet!! 

1. I've fallen in love with Barry M Gelly Nail Paint, mostly for it's lovely finish and the gorgeous shade Satsuma, which I'm currently wearing. Full review coming soon!!

4. Very glad to see that Game Of Thrones is finally getting a bit more interesting!! I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with the first few episodes this season, maybe because every 5 minutes there's another ad break, but it's definitely more dramatic as time goes on! Disappointed that Danaeris is selling a dragon, but I'm sure there's a twist in that...

5. I really really cannot wait for Spring to begin. Seeing photos of the London Marathon I'm mostly impressed and amazed at the fact that anybody can run that far, however I'm also noticing the absolutely gorgeous weather. It's raining where I am, and the sunshine cannot come fast enough! 

Hope you've all had a brilliant weekend!

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