Turning 21: Afternoon Tea

Hello everyone! So Monday was my actual 21st Birthday - weirdly I do feel a bit different for being that extra 1 year older, maybe because 21 is quite different from all the other birthdays...its like I'm properly in my twenties now instead of just on the edge if that makes sense?! 

Anyway - on Sunday we went out for Afternoon Tea as a little family celebration at Holbeck Ghyll, a gorgeous hotel overlooking Lake Windermere, with beautiful views. Although I've seen variations of that view a million times before, it still didn't fail to impress! We went for a full afternoon tea and were seated in a lovely lounge right next to the window which was perfect. The food was amazing - honestly the best scones I've ever had - and the service was just right, not too full on but still attentive and friendly. Overall Id definitely recommend this for a special occasion as something a bit different, or if you're visiting the Lakes - find a reason to come here!!

I was planning to wear a very spring-y outfit but sadly woke up to pouring rain! It cleared up to just cloudy later on so the views weren't ruined, but in terms of outfit I didn't really feel like wearing florals, instead opting for a more monochromatic option. I got this dress from H&M ages and ages ago but only just started wearing it - it fits really well, and if I remember right was under a tenner, standard H&M bargain! My jacket is from River Island, and I love it but haven't got a lot of wear out of it thanks to the arctic conditions as it doesn't keep you very warm. Bring on Summer, as soon as possible please. 

I've been all over the place this week - on Monday I went to London for a Cosmo Careers Masterclass which was absolutely amazing, really useful and it was great to hear proffessionals such as Cherry Healey and Pat McNulty giving advice on how to break into the media industry!! Then it was off to York to visit my sister at Uni, and now I'm feeling a bit pants so some early nights are definitely in order!! Hope you've all had a lovely week.

P.S. This is my very first post from my phone so hopefully it looks ok!

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