Barry M Gelly Nail Paint: The Obsession Continues

Hi ladies! You all know about my little obsession with the Barry M Gelly Nail Paints (Post here). When I finished my last exam for a while the other day, a friend and I took the opportunity to get ourselves into town and spend some money! "It's an end of exams treat" was uttered more than once, and I ended up with a lighter wallet and, among other things, three more colours to add to my collection! I was immediately drawn to the pastels, and went for Greenberry, Papaya and Blueberry.

Since wearing Satsuma daily for a long time now (having stopped stealing my stepsisters and bought my very own!), my thoughts haven't changed and I still love the formula - ultra shiney, no top coat necessary and super fast drying!! One thing I will say is that the smell of these is a little hit and miss - for some reason, Blueberry smells very very odd in the bottle, whilst the others are absolutely fine? I'm not too sure as to why this is but it certainly doesn't have any effect on the actual product so I don't mind too much! 

Greenberry is a gorgeous pastel green - brighter and slightly darker than I expected, but lovely nonetheless. Blueberry is a dreamy blue, leaning almost lilac, whilst Papaya is by far my favourite as a pretty light pastely orange colour. I pretty much just love these, and cannot recommend them enough: amazing shade range, great formula, easy application!!

Hope you've all had a lovely week! Give me a follow on Bloglovin' here if you fancy :)

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