The Sunday Post

Yes those are DVD's - Cloverfield and Jurassic Park, both module films for my film studies exam!

This week has been full of revision and attempting to distract myself/finding anything to procrastinate. Exams start on Thursday so a lot of last minute cramming is currently underway. I wish I had some words of wisdom about to how to survive exam stress  but I think I need them myself! I always just try to eat healthily and get enough sleep, but Im actually quite chilled this year which is fairly unusual for me.

1. The amazing weather this week has probably been helping as sunshine makes absolutely everything seem better. Summer clothes, bright colours and even the emergence of sunglasses - the best time of year! I'll also be cracking out the fake tan as I don't want to shock the world with my pale winter glow. Pimms is another essential, being possibly the most summery beverage known to man.

2. Jake Bugg's Country Song is definitely an obsession this week, loving the relaxed tone and of course his gorgeous voice. Also loving Diane Young by Vampire Weekend, which is an ah-mazing comeback from them and extremely upbeat!

3. I've made it through season 6 of Friends and am well into 7. I now want to be Rachel, live in New york and have a local coffee house just like they do. One day...

Anyway this is just a short post as I wanted to check in as next week will be full of even more revision so very little blogging time sadly! After Saturday I have almost 2 weeks until my next (and final!) exam so really looking forward to spending more time on this little blog. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend :)