A Little Clothes Haul

On Wednesday, I decided to take a little trip to the Trafford Centre in Manchester for a bit of retail therapy. Living in a rural area, normally going to somewhere with decent shops means I go a bit crazy as who knows when you'll next see a H&M?! Whilst I'm on a budget and not really supposed to be buying too much, I did pick up a few things. All in all though I'd say I was quite restrained, however thought I'd share what I did buy.

Popping into Selfridges to have a look at some of their concessions, we were a bit shocked to see a Primark in there! Primark really seems to be branching out at the moment, as they're now stocked online at ASOS as well, and I really like that they are more widely available! The concession store was absolutely amazing - being in Selfridges, it was nicely laid out with a selection of their best products all size co-ordinated which was a shocker as usually Primark is such a jumble sale. I've had my eye on some disco pants for a while but never took the plunge, however when I saw these for £16 I knew I had to try them on. I'm on the fence as I don't know when I will actually wear these, but they're so flattering and I'm sure I'll find an occasion! I also picked up this simple chiffon wrap top for £10, it's a great mix between smart and casual.

Finally, we popped into H&M and although I was slightly underwhelmed by it, I did pick up a basic white tank with slightly dropped armholes, as basics are something I could do with stocking up on! It's always easier to see something pretty and buy that, overlooking the essentials! This was only £3.99, so you can't really go wrong!

So there you have it, a very smal haul - I also bought a fair bit of jewellery but that's for another post! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine, which has finally reached the Lake District. It's not massively warm yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Have you treated yourself to anything recently?

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