Review: Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser

Nivea has always been a classic brand for skin/bodycare: their original Nivea Creme comes to mind - I used to love the little tins as they're so handy and cute! I don't own many Nivea products and for some reason always pass them buy in Boots...but this has all changed since this beauty came into my life!!

I'm so lazy when it comes to using body moisturisers, and whilst I always love and buy them I'm just not one of those people who moisturises daily or even every other day. Quite frankly, it's a hassle and I hate the feeling of putting clothes on freshly moisturised skin so will only do it if I'm going to be chilling around the house for a while and can wear my jim jams! Cue Nivea's In Shower Body Moisturiser, a revolutionary new product which instead of being a moisturiser you apply after your shower/bath is instead one you use whilst in it! When I heard about this, I knew it was something I absolutely had to try - so was it worth it?

Basically, you use it in the shower after cleansing, like you would a normal moisturiser, rinse it off...and that's it! When it comes out of the bottle, it looks like a lotion and on application is like using a shower lotion which doesn't lather. It has a very faint smell of almond oil, which I love but might not be for those of you who like a strongly scented moisturiser!

So does it work? I would say yes! My skin was left feeling soft, moisturised and best of all none of that post-moisturiser residue! Nivea claim that this ia a 'convenient new way to moisturise' which it 100% is. Whilst I don't think that this is a substitute for using actual moisturiser - it doesn't provide quite the same level of nourishment - it is absolutely amazing, and a perfect solution for those lazy days, or those among us who just want an easier option. Considering that I rarely moisturise anyway, using this every other day has been a godsend and already my skin is thanking me for it. My only complaint is that the bottle is not going to last me very long at all, as you do use quite a lot, however Boots currently have it on offer at £2.37 (normal price is £3.56) which you really cannot argue with! I will definitely be stocking up and this has become a staple for me. Will you be giving Nivea's offering a go?

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