The Sunday Post: Summer Time!

Hi everyone! Hope you've had a lovely week - I still can't believe the amazing amazing weather, I never want it to go away. I know that some people might be complaining that it's a bit too hot, but to me it's perfect and couldn't last for long enough!

Last weekend, I made the long journey down to Cornwall for my bestest friend's 21st birthday. It was a lovely weekend of celebrations, after which I felt a little fragile but had such an amazing time nonetheless. Cornwall is definitely my favourite place in England, everyone is just so chilled out and the beaches are absolutely gorgeous.

In other news, I started my new job for the summer on Tuesday working for a relish company in their warehouse. It's not glamorous but it brings the money in and is full time for the next month and a half until I go to France, so I really can't complain! This has also meant that I have been shopping a bit more than usual, however am trying to restrain myself!

A few cheeky beauty purchases have been made as Boots have had a 3-for-2 offer on, which I took full advantage of and lets just say that I may have found my new favourite lip product (clue: it's from Bourjois!). As well as this, a lot of my money has also gone on suncream, which is flipping expensive but obviously an absolute essential!! 

Have a lovely evening, and expect a lot of posts this week as I have heaps and heaps I want to share!

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