Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour "Azure"

A while ago, as a late happy birthday/miss you heaps while you're in France, my sister sent me a little surprise present in the form of an absolutely gorgeous Chanel nail polish. A shimmering blue green which changes colour with the light, Azure is simply stunning and has been pretty much the only shade I've worn for quite some time now! Perfect for both winter and summer, I've had so many compliments on it and it's going to remain a firm favourite for the forseeable future. I love getting high end makeup as a gift because it's generally something that, as a student, I can't realistically justify splashing out on myself. The formula is gorgeous and it goes on like a dream, two coats is more than enough although you could definitely get away with just one. Wear time is OK, nothing to write home about - but when the colour looks this good, who cares?!

I'm currently looking forward to going skiing this weekend before finally, after 5 months away, going home for Christmas! Can't wait to see the fam, chill out and have oven cooked food (the French don't seem to go in for the whole oven thing so much!) - hope you're all having a lovely December and are more organised than me when it comes to Christmas shopping!

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