Currently Loving ♥

1. Pale pink nails courtesy of Essie's Fiji, which I've rediscovered my love for this week.

2. Finding old jewellery I'd completely forgotten about. These bring back such good memories as I bought them in Thailand.

3. Clinique moisturiser...after they changed the formula to the lotion version of this, I had to switch to the gel which is thankfully gorgeous. I don't know what they put in the new lotion but it is not an improvement in my opinion!

4. Going to buy pizza and being given a rose...admittedly by the guys who worked at the pizza place, but the little things still make such a difference.

5. MeMeMe Beat the Blues Moonbeam highlighter adding a bit of sparkle to dark winter days.

6. I bought this gorgeous heart photo frame and I think it looks so lovely as it is, I don't think I'll add any photos in myself :)

7. Absolutely completely head over heels obsessed with Kygo remixes at the moment. Just the perfect music to chill out too.

8. My love for NARS deep throat is unwavering, but I want to make a conscious effort to show my other blushes a bit more attention.

9. Coffee in a Starbucks tumbler...perfection :)

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