The Past Few Weeks: A Catchup

 photo 2_zps07f89a52.jpg My sister came to visit so we took a little day trip to Amsterdam. It's such a lovely city, really pretty and we were incredibly lucky with the weather as well! Of course we couldn't resist climbing all over the IAmsterdam sign like the little kids mature grown ups we are. Our one regret was that since we only had an afternoon, we didn't hire a bike.
 photo 3_zpsce5dff71.jpg Whilst she was here, we made the most of the windy weather and food Brussels has to offer. We found possibily the best hot chocolate ever at Neuhaus in central Brussels, it's served in little teapots which is such a cute idea! We had to get a waffle too, and it would have been rude not to pile it as high as possible!
 photo 4_zps9c80db7d.jpgGoing home for Easter was such a nice, relaxing was also my birthday which called for ridiculous amounts of cake. I decorated my nails Easter/spring style (see my post here) and filled up on hot cross buns, chocolate and all things British before heading back to Brussels for the last little section of my year abroad!

Hope you have had a lovely week, and in the spirit of summer and Amsterdam/Dutchness, here's a little slice of musical heaven from possibly my favourite, Bakermat.

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