Budget Beauty: Natural Collection Lipstick in Apple Blossom

 photo NaturalCollection1_zps275a2288.jpg photo NaturalCollection5_zpsd1414ce9.jpg photo NaturalCollection2_zpsfbac7320.jpg photo NC8_zps854eda52.jpg photo NaturalCollection4_zpsbae35db1.jpg Natural Collection Lipstick in Apple Blossom | £1.99

When I found myself in Boots the other week and they had 3-for-2 on all makeup, it was inevitable that I was leaving with the (pretty much) obligatory 3 items. Natural Collection is a brand I haven't often considered, and I will be honest it's partly down to how cheap it is - I always thought how can something so cheap be any good which is silly but that's what I thought! Nonetheless I decided that for a free third product, I couldn't really go wrong and so on impulse, having lost my beloved MAC Hue and being on the lookout for a new nude/pink lipstick, I decided to give Natural Collection a whirl.

I decided to go for Apple Blossom, as it looked to be closest to what I was after - a subtle nude with pink undertones. I was looking for a replacement for Hue so I wanted moisturising, pretty and flattering qualities. This lipstick, I was surprised to find, actually comes pretty darn close! It's quite pigmented which I wasn't expecting, and I would definitely say it's more nude than pink however it still manages to mantain the hint of pink rather than being a true nude shade. So on the colour front, I am pretty impressed! It also applies really well, it's a very creamy texture and whilst being pigmented still looks quite subtle which I like. Wear time isn't long but it's certainly not the worst I have ever had and considering I reapply constantly anyway this doesn't bother me but it's something to consider.

Natural Collection describe this as a "moisture shine" which I would agree with in part, however perhaps due to the shade I do find it highlights any dry patches so I would recommend having nicely moisturised lips if you're going to use this! Maybe with some of the darker shades you wouldn't have this problem though. That aside, I really can't fault this gorgeous little lipstick. The colour is really lovely, the application is effortless and the texture is great. OK so it might not be as moisturising or sheer as my beloved Hue, but for £1.99, in my opinion you absolutely cannot go wrong with this. I'm so glad I gave Natural Collection a go, and as they have so many other shades available I will definitely be trying a few more when I can!

Have you ever tried Natural Collection makeup? What are your favourite drugstore brands?

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