Natural Skincare | Jojoba and Aloe Vera

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Disclaimer: My skin is typically dry and gets dehyrdrated very easily, with some oily patches. I also have acne, so these products are what works for me and may not be for everyone!

Due to having terrible skin and a mother/granny who are very into the whole herbal homeopathic thing, I've tried my fair share of natural remedies in the past. I'm all for using the non chemical alternative and whilst some scientifically concocted products really do work - Hydraluron I am looking at you here! - I love finding things that mother nature herself created. And to me where the benefits of this can be felt the most is in all natural skincare: I messed up my skin through using products which were too harsh and stripped all the natural goodness from it when I didn't know better, and through introducing some gentle natural products into my regime I have noticed such a difference. So today I want to introduce you to those little miracle workers!

The last thing you expect to hear when it comes to skincare is that an oil is actually going to control your breakouts and is a good thing to put on your face. When I first started using Jojoba oil a few years ago, skin oils weren't such a big deal and I was very apprehensive but having heard such good things I decided to give it a go anyway - and I haven't looked back! Jojoba oil is non comedogenic and the theory is that because it is so similar to sebum, it can trick the skin into thinking it is producing enough oil therefore actually reducing oil production. I don't know much about the science but I do know that I love using this stuff! I use it at night time on it's own as a moisturiser: massaging a few drops (no more, as it's super moisturising) into my skin and it doesn't make my skin oily at all, instead I just wake up with softer skin than I had before I started using this! It doesn't cause spots, in fact it has massively helped me to control my breakouts which is something I would never have expected from an oil.

The second natural skincare essential in my routine is a recent discovery which I have been using for a few months. I'd heard great things about using Aloe Vera gel to sooth redness and help with breakouts as well as having great moisturising properties. When I first got mine I wasn't sure how to use it: some people use it daily as a moisturiser or a pre-moisturiser, but after getting used to including this in my routine I love it as a kind of face mask. I vary from using it every day to once every few days, and just moisturise it into my skin, leave it for about an hour or longer if I'm not wearing makeup for a while, and then wash it away with water. It's so easy to use and also very soothing on the skin, you can feel it's cooling properties immediately as you put it on which I love! Aloe Vera helps to restore dry and damaged skin, or so my tube claims, and in this respect it's a winner - we use it to sooth sun burn so applying it to help reduce the redness of dry skin/breakouts actually seems quite logical! Try to get as pure aloe vera as possible, mine is from Aloe Pura and is 99.9% which is good enough for me!

Both of these products are really inexpensive and effective, and I can't see myself giving them up (especially the jojoba oil!). I definitely recommend checking them out especially if you have temperemental skin like mine.

Do you have any natural beauty recommendations?