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It feels like a really long time since I last sat down to write a blog post, and I'm going to use the blogger cliché here but having a break has been a really good thing. It was partly due to the fact that I went on holiday and being as unorganised as I am, didn't have any posts ready to schedule. But when I got back, aside from being pretty tired from a long weekend of partying until the wee hours in Barcelona, I found that I just didn't want to spend so much time in the blogosphere. 

I've seen a fair few bloggers expressing similar thoughts recently, but I realised that I had let the pressures of blogging get to me and it wasn't as fun any more. Not worrying about what to post, whether it was ok to post it, would it fit with my blog etc. was refreshing and I found that I needed that little amount of time off to recharge my batteries and find some new inspiration. I was enjoying blogging don't get me wrong but I was beginning to get sucked into the worry of whether my blog was good enough when really the only person it needs to be good enough for, is myself. Even writing this post, I had a few niggles: shouldn't I be posting something about my holiday, or popping up one of the many beauty reviews I have photos for, or even a Sunday post since, well, when I wrote this it was Sunday. Then I realised that actually, I should be posting whatever my heart desires and apparently, today that's a slightly rambly reflection on my little break and where I want to go from here! 

There will always be pressure to take the best photos, write the best posts, and have more and more followers. I am guilty of always comparing myself to others, but have recently been trying more and more to go by this quote which I think sums it up perfectly: "Don't compare your Chapter 1 to someone elses Chapter 20". We're all at different stages and that's OK. So I'll continue to try not to be such a perfectionist, and to try not to worry so much about what goes on this little space on the interweb and whether or not it is good enough. Of course, I want it to be of a high standard and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. But it should also be enjoyable, and for me that's the most important part! Ramble over, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend :)

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