Oh, hey!

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Hola chicas!! I've been pretty MIA over the last week or so as I've been in one of the most amazing cities I have been to - Barcelona!! I went to Spain when I was younger and wasn't so taken with it, so didn't expect to love Barcelona as much as I did but it's safe to say that it could easily become a favourite. I was there for Sonar festival and there are no words to describe how much fun it was - I wish I was still there! I'll be popping a few actual posts up but I wanted really to check in and say - I'm still here, I'm still blogging and I really missed you! I'm currently running on empty having consisted on 8am bed times, early flights and sangria for a few days but a good nights sleep should see me back in action and ready to write something comprehensible tomorrow!! Looking forward to it, but until then - hope you had a wonderful week!

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