Sunny Sunday Summary ♥

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Happy Sunday and what amazing weather for it at that!! I cannot believe how quickly the weather has turned from rain, storms and wind to practically tropical heat and blazing sunshine. I made the most of it yesterday with a little day trip to a gorgeous little town nearby to Brussels, which I'm planning to share with you at some point this week - I can't believe how pretty Belgium is. I've also been really enjoying having a garden area, there's just something about having a small outside space in a city.

As I finished my exams on Monday, I've been spending my week teaching pilates, shopping and catching up with friends as everyone is leaving Brussels as our erasmus years all come to an end. The year has flown by in the blink of an eye and whilst it hasn't always been easy and there have been some definite challenges, I will miss it. One thing which has struck me, here especially, is how much more casual the exams can be! In the UK we always get fear struck into our very hearts that so much as accidentally looking at the back of someone's head will see us disqualified from school/college/uni but here the exams don't even start until a good 30minutes after they're supposed to and whilst you obviously can't have a natter with your neighbour, you can choose where to sit and whilst still regulated and supervised, it's no where near as strict as at home. Just a little musing there of a Sunday afternoon!

Even though I've had little to do over the week, I've found that my blogging mojo has gone on a little holiday, I think because my mind has been focussed on so much else. So whilst I have heaps to blog about and so much I want to share with you, things might be a bit more quiet that I would like for a while. But here's hoping I get my inspiration back asap! I'm a firm believer in blogging when you want to so that's what I'm sticking to and hoping it works out :)

I hope you've had a wonderful week!

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