Wednesday Wishlist #10

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Making Wednesday wishlists is never an easy task - I always end up wanting pretty much everything on them (obviously otherwise it wouldn't be a wishlist!) and this week is no exception!! It's a weird time of year I think, as Autumn clothes are starting to seep into the shops and it seems silly to buy Summer dresses when the hot weather doesn't look like it will reappear, but I've ignored all that and gone for something pretty sunshine happy! Hope you enjoy :)

I featured this a long while back and I've recently been reminded of it's existence, and therefore my never ending quest to attain the Chantecaille Just Skin tinted moisturiser. It's the hefty price tag which is putting me off and I feel like this will remain just out of reach for me, but it looks so darn gorgeous!

I'm not really too sure why my name is on this t shirt but I'll let it slide. 

This cushion sums up the situation in our house on a permanent basis, so it only seems fair to make it official.

When the new Kate Moss X Topshop collection came out it was love at first sight, but as always a bit too pricey for my budget. Thankfully quite a few things have gone into the sale (move quickly though!!) and one of them is this super pretty sundress. Seriously tempted.

Cute little bits and bobs for the home are always irresistable - this little glass jar would be the perfect little bedside table storage for cotton wool or random trinkets.

The 90s are literally my obsession right now - if I could go back for a day I totally would - and in keeping with this, I need a tattoo choker in my life!! I remember how obsessed we all were with these when we were younger, absolutely have to revisit that trend!

Clean white colours with a bright pop of colour are just perfection, so these shoes are the best thing ever!! As with most things, they would look so great with a tan but I'll settle for going without. 

I hope you enjoyed this little Wednesday wishlist - have a lovely second-half-of-the-week!!

What's on your wishlist this week?

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