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 photo PhotoDiary1_zps1e0d8aa4.jpgStarting the day properly with good strong coffee, OJ and fruit left over from the B&B where I work occasional mornings...I'm a strong believer that a good breakfast can change your day! | 3 generations as my granny came to visit before going off to Ireland, she is a truly energy filled lady! | Very good logic. | Enjoying the Lake District in all it's beauty. | Why on earth don't they have such amazing flavours in the UK? Got this from Budapest, need to go back already for more. | Pretty flowers at a dream wedding I worked at.

 photo PhotoDiary3_zps00ed9abc.jpg Yummy coffee & cakes at Chesters, a truly lovely little café which I cannot believe I haven't visited sooner! | Showing some British/Northern charm to my gorgeous Belgian friend | A cheeky little trip to Manchester, I forget how pretty this city can be!!

 photo PhotoDiary2_zpsd2efb2f2.jpg Gorgeous + very wise quote. | Lake District loving! | Chips chips chips, these are my favourite food and I miss Belgian frites every day (these came from a local hotel, and were preeeeeeetty good!) | Making the trek back down to uni including a 2 hour train's good to be back! | Trying to recreate French breakfasts | Missing my beautiful little sister and her crazy face. 

What have you been up to this week? If you've done any similar posts I'd love to read them.

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