Turning Off | A Technology Detox

 photo Detox_zps5f6360d1.jpg This post has been on my to-write list for a while now, but I never really knew what exactly I wanted to say or how to say it. Blogging naturally means that you spend a lot of time at a screen: writing posts, talking on twitter, scrolling through instagram. Even when I'm not blogging I find myself reaching for my phone to check what's happening on various forms of social media, and I think it's something we all do pretty regularly. But at what point do we literally start living our lives through our phones, tablets and laptops...and stop living it in the real world around us?

If I see something pretty, I'll immediately reach for my phone to instagram it. If I hear something funny or shocking, I'll take to twitter to report it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this and I love sharing parts of my life with you...it's why I blog! But recently I've found that this has taken over a little, and the balance has become a little bit skewed. Over the last few weeks I've massively drawn away from blogging, totally by accident and not because I don't enjoy it any more...because I really do!! I've swung completely in the opposite direction, I always seem to take the occasional blog haitus but would love for these to become fewer and more far between. I think that's the most important thing - to strike a balance - and it's something I want to try and work on. And so I'm going to try, from now on, to switch off a little bit more - whether it's not sleeping with my phone by my bed, turning it off when I'm out with my friends, or simply taking more time each day to appreciate what's actually going on right next to me, I'm going on a mini technology detox. Cutting down rather than cutting out, I'm sure you've all seen it by now but I think this video expresses it far better than I ever could, and so I'll leave it below to let it do so.

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