New Year Catch Up | 2015 ♥

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Oh, hello! Remember me? (Don't worry, I won't blame you if you don''s been a while!). It feels like I write one of these posts every few months these days, but sometimes a break is all you need to feel revitalised. Read life takes over sometimes, and with it being my final year of uni you could say that that has happened just a tad! Nonetheless, here I am, at the start of 2015, ready to (hopefully) pay a bit more attention to this little, slightly neglected of late, corner of the internet. Having just handed in the second of two essays due this week (every time I hand one in I have a mini panic that I've left something out, forgotten to put a reference in or just submitted the whole wrong essay...anyone else get that?!) I'll admit that my ability to write coherently is probably somewhat lacking, so I'll keep this short and sweet...a little late to the party, but Hello 2015! Let's make it a good one.

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