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Thierry Mugler Angel is probably my favourite perfume, however it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. I generally don't buy high end perfumes because of budget issues, but if I did this would be the one for me! I know it's a bit of a marmite scent, but I definitely stand firmly on the 'absolutely love it!' side. So you can imagine how happy I was when my friend introduced me to the wonderful world that is the Milton Lloyd website. A whole website dedicated to bargainous perfumes, and whilst they obviously don't advertise this themselves, a quick google tells me that they seem to provide a pretty good number of high end dupes. I immediately hunted down the equivalent to Angel, "Spirit of Heaven", ordered it from Amazon (free delivery!) and within days it arrived at my door, all for the measly price of £4.50 for a 55ml bottle (Milton Lloyd charge for delivery, however I think a lot of their perfumes are available on Amazon with free delivery so it's worth a hunt!).

The packaging is pretty basic, the box is simple and I actually quite like how it looks! The bottle itself is a standard shape with a plastic lid, which works fine in my books - definitely not unattractive and when you're paying under £5 you can hardly expect anything spectacular! The spray function on this is quite odd, it comes out in kind of a mist (like a body spray almost?!) which I so far am loving if getting a bit too application happy. Most important was, of course, how it smells...well, I can confirm that this is a very convincing dupe! Described as "oriental-vanilla, with bergamot, fruity rose, floral, woody and vanilla" tones, it smells very much like Angel, really lovely. This is an eau de toilette, so you can be a bit more liberal as its not quite as strong, and its staying power, whilst pretty good, isn't anything to write home about. However ultimately, I think it all comes down to the fact that for a great dupe which smells gorgeous and costs so little, you really cannot go wrong with this.

Have you found any great perfume dupes?

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