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I have to admit that writing about bikinis whilst the wind is howling outside and it's still pretty chilly seems a little premature, but I wanted to tell someone about this amazing find and I couldn't wait to do it! Triangl swimwear burst onto the scene last summer, and all of a sudden you couldn't scroll through Instagram or read more than a few blogs before seeing one of their signature neoprene bikinis pop up. Along with most of the world it seems, I fell in love but couldn't really justify the price tag considering how little use I'd realistically get out of a bikini (I'm sure if I lived next to the beach somewhere hot I'd see it as more of an investment!). I bought a dupe from Ebay, but coming from China the sizing was completely off and the top half would have given a little bit too much away if you catch my drift. However, I'm hoping that this time around I've had more luck because I think *fingers crossed* I have found the perfect dupe!! I actually heard about this brand when Stephanie Pratt (I didn't expect to love her on MIC but I just do!) posted a photo on Instagram, immediately checked them out and fell in love.

The brand in question is Style Miramur, an online shop full of pretty and statement swimwear and accessories (they have metallic tattoos, helloo festivals!) - just LOOK at those gorgeous panelled two pieces. I do feel a little bit bad sharing this because as I type most of these are actually sold out, but fingers crossed they'll be restocking soon - I currently have my eye on the Lucy style in coral. The thing that really caught my eye though was the prices - these sets are all £20, which is pretty bargainous if you ask me. They are sold as sets, which is a shame because so often you need to get a different size top from bottom, but I'm hoping the sizing will work out ok and you can't have everything! I haven't had the chance to buy one yet because they're not in stock so this is really just a wishlist/a little heads up if you've been looking for an alternative to the gorgeous Triangl bikini style like I have.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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