Lifestyle | Insta-Catchup #2

 photo MarchInstagram1_zpsbavqviod.jpg Feeling the need to travel a lot recently, perhaps because of the winter weather. Hurry up Summer so I can start planning! // Valentine's Day doesn't necessarily have to be about a boy/girlfriend - sometimes our best friends are worth much more. // Catching up over a caffeine fix and study break - last years lent/caffeine detox will not be happening again this year I think!

 photo MarchInstagram2_zpsdmtzobbp.jpg Procrastinating from writing my dissertation. I'm feeling a bit more on track now but suprisingly daunted by the fact that it can only be 8,000 words - I though it would be too much but it's definitely not going to be enough. // Very wise words, naps are the best! I don't know why they aren't more of a thing I could have one every day and be much more productive for it. // Tasting my first ever Michelin star worthy food in Budapest. It definitely lived up to expectation - this wasn't actually my dessert but it's beetroot flavour and the macaron is in the colours of the Hungarian flag!

 photo MarchInstagram3_zpsz451hqe7.jpg Arriving back in England after a busy few days in Budapest, London looks pretty wonderful from the sky. // Welcoming March today - how is it already the third month of the year, where is the time going! This morning I was optimistic that Spring was around the corner, one afternoon full of snow later and I'm not so sure... // Showing Exeter to a friend, sometimes I forget how pretty this little city is. After almost four years of uni I'm definitely ready to move on, but I'll miss views like this! 

What have you been up to lately?

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